3D Projections

I am the principal artist and creative director of φnimation (a.k.a. Phi-Nimation) Studios, LLC. We specialize in 3D digital projections and mobile animation features. Projection mapping is an innovative new art form that integrates digital art, animation, architecture with state-of-the-art projection technology. Special software maps and calibrates digital imagery to a venue's unique surface. The surface becomes a key part of the production, making cutting edge, 21st Century trompe l'oiel.
For more information, visit www.phi-nimation
or contact Preston Casertano, CEO via e-mail: [email protected]  or cell: (908) 415-7533.
Check out my 3D projection video gallery. Just click on the image to see the video:

The Best Is Yet To Come. Bungalow Hotel, Long Branch, NJ. October 18, 2012.
Commissioned for Komen For The Cure's Annual Pink Party Benefit for Breast Cancer Research.
Projected on the west wall and corner of the building (along Ocean Blvd). Dimensions: approx. 30' x 75'.

φ.F.O. Invasion! U.F.O.s Buzz Greenpoint & Williamsburg! Brooklyn, NY, August 25-26, 2012.
This mobile projection caused quite a stir among Brooklyn's Bohemian revelers. Orson Welles would have been proud.
Disclaimer: No hipsters were harmed, abducted or probed during the making of this projection.

My first projection mapping feature, which debuted in front of thousands of viewers
immediately following Oceanfest's 22nd Annual Fireworks Show. Dimensions: approx. 60' x 25'.

Eyes Without A Face.
Asbury Park, NJ. July 2012.
Having a bit of fun behind the boardwalk on the Casino and Carousel Building.