"RandiScope" MessiNator 8 Portable Truss-Dobsonian Telescope.

Wood, aluminum, vinyl, hardware, salvaged and recoated optics.
This commissioned telescope was custom designed and crafted for the sole purpose of viewing objects beyond our solar system while being collapsible and portable. The optical mirrors were salvaged and re-coated to 94% reflectivity, putting all objects in the Messier catalog within its reach.The entire array weighs less than 40 pounds fully loaded with optics.
The focuser has an adapter that accommodates 2" and 1.25" eyepieces.

Primary mirror aperture: 203.2mm
Focal length: 1209mm
Focal ratio: f/6
Minimum useful magnification: 29x
Maximum useful magnification: 300x
Maximum theoretical magnification: 406x
Limiting magnitude; 14.2
Mount: altitude-azimuth bearings
Total telescope weight: 38 lb.